How much does a genuine Chanel handbag cost? Why should you buy super quality Chanel handbags?

Chanel handbags are an endless passion for women all over the world. Chanel’s handbag lines such as Chanel Coco Trendy, Chanel Classic, Chanel Woc Charm, Chanel Vintage, Chanel Boy Handbag, etc., always exude timeless beauty and are coveted by fashion enthusiasts. So, how much does an authentic Chanel handbag cost? Is it expensive? In this article, Dwatch Luxury will answer this question and provide advice on how to buy a Chanel handbag that is affordable yet still flawless.

How much does an authentic Chanel handbag cost?

Chanel is a leading global fashion brand with a history dating back to the early 20th century. To this day, the brand continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts with its luxurious designs. However, the price of each Chanel handbag is far from cheap, typically ranging from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of Vietnamese dong.

How much does a genuine Chanel handbag cost

Furthermore, Chanel regularly adjusts and raises its prices one to two times a year. In 2023, the brand officially updated its prices in March. As a result, most Chanel handbag lines, from classic to newly released products, have seen price increases. Specifically, the prices of some Chanel handbag models currently stand as follows:

  • Chanel Classic Mini Square Flap Bag: $4,200
  • Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag: $8,500
  • Chanel Classic Maxi Flap Bag: $9,200
  • Chanel New Medium Boy Flap Bag: $6,300
  • Chanel Small Boy Flap Bag: $5,600
  • Chanel Old Medium Child Boy Flap Bag: $6,000
  • Chanel 19 Small Bag: Price increased from $5,100
  • Chanel 19 Maxi Bag: $6,200

It is clear that the prices of authentic Chanel handbags are quite high. Chanel’s regular price increases serve as a means for the brand to maintain customer perceptions of its exclusivity and control its image.

Supreme Chanel Handbags – The Perfect Choice

As you now know how much authentic Chanel handbags cost, it’s evident that these prices are often beyond the means of the average Vietnamese woman. However, the passion for Chanel handbags remains unending for many women. To satisfy this passion, supreme Chanel handbags become an excellent choice.

Compared to authentic handbags, when you purchase supreme luxury handbags, you save a considerable amount. Supreme handbags are crafted to be 99% identical to authentic ones, while their prices are only about a quarter of the original product’s cost. In reputable stores like Dwatch Luxury, supreme handbags are available for as low as 5 million to 10 million Vietnamese dong. At such affordable prices, women can easily own a Chanel handbag with similar leather quality and design as the authentic one. These handbags still allow women to showcase their class and elegance without a hefty investment. Fashion enthusiasts no longer face difficulties in satisfying their desire for high-end shopping.

Why should you buy super quality Chanel handbags

Not only do supreme Chanel handbags have price advantages, but they also excel in quality. To create 1:1 authentic-like handbags, manufacturers use premium leather materials similar to those found in authentic handbags on the market. The handcrafted sewing process is meticulous, resulting in sturdy stitching. As a result, 1:1 Chanel handbags are highly durable and equally as elegant as the original.

If authentic Chanel handbags are challenging to acquire due to limited product availability, supreme luxury handbags offer a wide range of styles. With 1:1 handbags, you can easily choose any model you desire. Specialized stores like Dwatch Luxury constantly update their inventory with the latest handbag models. You can rest assured that you will be satisfied with the quality, design, variety, and prices of these handbags.

Dwatch Luxury – The Number One Trusted Supplier of Supreme Chanel Handbags in Vietnam

When you recognize the outstanding advantages of supreme Chanel handbags, the question of how much authentic Chanel handbags cost becomes less important. You now have a perfect alternative in the form of supreme handbags. With significantly more affordable prices, supreme luxury handbags have become the top choice for Vietnamese women. The key is to find a reputable supplier to ensure excellent quality and suitable prices.


Currently, one of the most well-known suppliers of supreme handbags among fashion enthusiasts is Dwatch Luxury. This company is a leading, trusted distributor of various supreme luxury handbag brands in the Vietnamese market, including supreme Chanel handbags. When you visit Dwatch Luxury, you can freely choose from the most sought-after Chanel handbag models on the market, with the best quality and most reasonable prices. With many years of experience in the market, Dwatch Luxury consistently satisfies customers with its reliability, quality, and attractive sales policies.

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In conclusion,

You now know how much authentic Chanel handbags cost and which type of handbag to consider when you have a limited budget. Supreme Chanel handbags from Dwatch Luxury receive positive reviews from customers for their outstanding quality, design, price, and variety. These handbags are a worthy investment, allowing women to confidently shine in any crowd.

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