How to Effectively Use an Automatic Watch

To use an automatic watch effectively, users need to wear it regularly (at least 8 hours a day) or manually wind it by turning the crown. However, many new users are still unsure whether an automatic watch needs winding and how long it runs when fully charged. This article from DWatch Luxury will address these questions.

Does an Automatic Watch Need Winding?

The answer depends on the specific mechanism of each watch. First, you need to check if your watch supports manual winding.

Case 1: The watch does not support manual winding.

  • Turn the crown and observe: If the crown does not turn and the second hand stays in place, your watch only supports automatic winding.

Case 2: The watch supports manual winding.

  • Turn the crown: If the crown turns and the second hand moves, your watch supports both automatic and manual winding.

How to Effectively Use an Automatic Watch

How to Use an Automatic Watch

Daily Use: If you wear the watch regularly every day, there is no need to manually wind it.

Occasional Use: If you do not wear it regularly, manually wind it every 1-2 days by turning the crown 20-30 times or until you feel resistance.

Infrequent Use: If you own multiple watches and wear each one infrequently, consider purchasing a watch winder to keep the watch running.

Why Wind the Watch Regularly?

  • Provide Enough Energy: Unlike Quartz watches that use battery power, mechanical watches need regular winding to operate.
  • Prevent the Watch from Stopping and Maintain Stability: Without winding, the watch will run out of energy and stop.
  • Avoid Frequent Time Adjustments: Keeping the watch fully wound prevents you from having to reset the time frequently when the watch stops.

How to Effectively Use an Automatic Watch

How to Manually Wind a Mechanical Watch

  1. Check the Crown: Ensure the crown is tightly screwed in. You do not need to pull out the crown to wind the watch; only pull it out to adjust the time or use other functions.
  2. Turn the Crown: Turn the crown clockwise or counterclockwise (depending on the model) 20-30 times or until you feel resistance. Avoid over-winding to prevent breaking the mainspring.

How Long Does an Automatic Watch Run?

When fully wound, an automatic watch typically runs continuously for 24 to 48 hours, depending on the mechanism and structure of the watch.

How to Handle a Stopped Mechanical Watch

  • Cause: Not Used for a Long Time: Wind the watch and use it regularly to maintain operation.
  • Cause: Low Physical Activity: Wind the watch when not in use.
  • Avoid Exposure to Strong Magnetic Fields: Keep the watch away from TVs, speakers, and devices with strong magnetic fields.
  • Regular Maintenance: Have the watch serviced every 2-4 years to keep it running smoothly.

How to Effectively Use an Automatic Watch

Regular and proper winding not only helps your automatic watch operate stably but also extends its lifespan. We hope this article provides you with enough information to better understand how to use and maintain your mechanical watch.

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