Roger Dubuis Watches: Origin, Quality, and Price

Roger Dubuis is renowned for its limitless creativity and the pinnacle of watchmaking artistry. Its timepieces are often considered true works of art. So, where do Roger Dubuis watches come from? Are they worth it, and how much do they cost? Let’s explore these questions in this article.

A Glimpse into the World of Roger Dubuis

Roger Dubuis was founded in 1995 by watchmaker Dubuis and entrepreneur and watch enthusiast Carlos Dias. Before starting his own brand, Dubuis had gained invaluable experience in watchmaking while working for Patek Philippe.

Roger Dubuis Watches Origin, Quality, and Price (1)Roger Dubuis Watches: Origin, Quality, and Price

Origin of Roger Dubuis Watches

Roger Dubuis is a luxury watch brand hailing from Switzerland, the birthplace of watchmaking craftsmanship. Right from its inception, this manufacturer has introduced numerous variations with designs that rival artistic masterpieces. Due to Dubuis’s prior work at Patek Philippe, he brought years of accumulated watchmaking expertise to his brainchild. Each timepiece from Roger Dubuis is an endless source of inspiration with unique characteristics rarely matched by other brands.

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The Movements Behind Roger Dubuis Watches

This brand boasts an in-house manufacturing facility named Manufacture Roger Dubuis SA, where they produce movements that meet Swiss standards. Over the years, they’ve crafted nearly 30 independent movements with impressive mechanisms and styles. Notable movements from Roger Dubuis include:

  1. Caliber RD820SQ: An automatic movement featuring the brand’s first skeletonized rotor, powered by an ultra-compact rotor.
  2. Caliber RD115: A hand-wound movement with the brand’s first Tourbillon complication, an innovation by Roger Dubuis.
  3. Caliber RD630: A special movement developed for a collaboration with Lamborghini, drawing design inspiration from supercar rims.

Roger Dubuis Watches: Origin, Quality, and Price

The Unique Beauty of Roger Dubuis Watches

Every Roger Dubuis timepiece is a testament to boundless creativity and true refinement. Since 1995, the brand has been at the forefront of designing contemporary Haute Horlogerie timepieces. Roger Dubuis watches feature exquisite dials with a range of special functions like Minute Repeaters and Perpetual Calendars, earning praise from experts.

Materials Used by Roger Dubuis

The success of this renowned watch brand doesn’t rely solely on design but also on the premium materials they employ. Cases of many models are crafted from DLC Titanium, a super-light and high-value material. Additionally, Roger Dubuis uses luxurious 18K rose gold for hour markers on watch faces. The straps are made from high-quality rubberized leather, offering comfort, lightness, and an elegant look.

Roger Dubuis Watch Prices

Roger Dubuis watches typically come at high price points, sometimes reaching hundreds of thousands of USD. The lowest-priced Roger Dubuis watches start at around $5,000 (approximately 115 million VND).

Roger Dubuis Watches: Origin, Quality, and Price

Who Should Own a Roger Dubuis Watch?

A Roger Dubuis watch isn’t just a fashion accessory; it’s a genuine work of art. For watch enthusiasts seeking uniqueness, Roger Dubuis is an outstanding choice. These timepieces not only convey sophistication but also represent symbols of refinement and creativity. They serve as highlights of individual style and social status.

If you admire the brand’s designs but don’t have the budget for an authentic piece, consider exploring the high-quality Roger Dubuis Replica watches available at DWatch Luxury. Thank you for your interest!

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