Top 7 most famous Korean watch brands that you should know about

Top 7 most famous Korean watch brands

Korea is renowned not only for its entertainment industry but also as one of Asia’s leading fashion hubs. Particularly, Korea has swiftly dominated the global wristwatch accessory market. Korean watch brands have garnered attention from fashion aficionados due to their exquisite and meticulous designs, rivaling renowned Swiss and Japanese watch brands. In this article, DWatch Luxury presents the top 7 most famous Korean watch brands that you should know about.

1. Harriot – Artistry in Handcrafted Precision

Harriot places aesthetics at the core of each of their designs. The brand is famous for producing entirely handcrafted watches without the use of any machinery or assembly lines. Each Harriot timepiece exudes impressive beauty, meticulousness, and sophistication, reflecting the dedication and artistry of its master craftsmen.

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Drawing inspiration from 1970s watch designs, Harriot combines modern Korean style with a touch of Swiss watch nostalgia. This blend has rapidly captured the hearts of customers from their very first encounter.

2. Romanson – 30 Years of Development and Presence in Over 100 Countries

Established in 1988 by Mr. Kim Ki-Moon, Romanson is a unique Korean watch brand. Romanson seamlessly combines top-notch Asian fashion with premium Swiss movements, ensuring stability and durability.

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Romanson’s watches are crafted by a team of skilled designers and artisans, guaranteeing both quality and stylish aesthetics. Romanson continuously innovates to diversify its models, offering affordable options for its diverse customer base.

3. Amy Eujeny – The Fusion of Fine Jewelry and Timepieces

Amy Eujeny is celebrated not only for its high-end fine jewelry but also for its quality watchmaking. The brand continually invests in research and innovative manufacturing techniques to create elegant and refined watches for both men and women.

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Furthermore, Amy Eujeny offers a range of digital products that allow users to customize watch faces, making them a perfect gift for friends, family, or special companions.

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4. Foce – Premium Korean Sports Watches

Also known as Foce Milano, Foce is renowned for its sports watches designed for men. The brand’s products feature Chronograph functionality, making it easy to manage workout times and activities.

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Despite its debut in 1997, Foce Milano rapidly competes with traditional Korean watch brands. Foce Milano offers youthful, dynamic, and elegant products tailored to meet local customer needs.

5. Rolens – Honoring Korean Watchmaking Since the 1950s

Founded in the 1950s, Rolens is one of Korea’s oldest watch brands. It is particularly famous for crafting watches for presidents, bearing a hint of the renowned Rolex’s prestige. Notably, two former Korean presidents, Roh Moo-Hyun and Lee Myung-Bak, have adorned Rolens timepieces.

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Despite being part of the luxury watch category, Rolens watches are remarkably affordable, starting at just 4 million KRW. You can own a stylish and elegant Rolens quartz or mechanical watch without breaking the bank.

6. Julius – A Fusion of Femininity and Exquisiteness

Julius is a watch brand established in 2001, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. With over 20 years of development, Julius has become an internationally recognized watch brand and a member of the Marid International Association, with participation from over 30 countries, including Vietnam.

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Julius is renowned for its women’s watches, continuously introducing attractive timepieces that combine exquisite materials and creative fashion-oriented designs. To enhance operational efficiency, the brand employs the Japanese Miyota 2035 Quartz movement, produced by Citizen, and modern Kinetic movements for long-lasting usage without the need for battery replacements. Most Julius watches are water-resistant up to 30 meters, ensuring durability and flexibility for everyday wear.

7. Valence – Inspired by Beautiful France

Founded in 2001 in Seoul, South Korea, Valence derives its brand name from a beautiful city in France, known for the great history of Napoleon. The brand pursues a strong, elegant style with a touch of classic design, crafting watches from durable materials like Sapphire glass, stainless steel cases, and equipping them with Japanese movements, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Top 7 most famous Korean watch brands that you should know about (1)

With prices starting at just under 2 million KRW, Valence watches appeal to a wide range of Vietnamese consumers due to their affordability and relative quality, suitable for students, office workers, and fashion enthusiasts.

Are Korean Watches Worth It? Should You Buy One?

As for the question of whether to buy Korean watches or not, it primarily depends on your current needs and preferences.

If you’re looking for an eye-catching timepiece with a reasonable price tag and don’t place heavy emphasis on top-tier quality or advanced technology, then Korean watches are an ideal choice. They offer a balance of style and affordability.

However, if you desire a finely crafted, technically sophisticated timekeeping masterpiece with a substantial budget, Swiss or Japanese watch brands might be more suitable to meet your needs.

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