What is a Mechanical Watch? How to Use and Maintain Mechanical Watches

Mechanical watches are a popular choice among technology enthusiasts and watch lovers. To ensure their durability and longevity, it is important to follow proper usage and maintenance steps. Here is some useful information about automatic mechanical watches and how to use and care for them effectively.

What is a Mechanical Watch

What is an automatic mechanical watch?

An automatic mechanical watch is a type of watch that is assembled from mechanical components and has the ability to self-wind through the natural movement of the wearer’s wrist. This type of watch does not require a battery or other electronic devices to operate.

Tips for using a mechanical watch

To efficiently use and protect your mechanical watch over the long term, consider the following points:

Read and understand the information: Each mechanical watch has its own unique features, functions, and design. To use it properly, read the accompanying user manual when purchasing the watch or visit the manufacturer’s official website.

Avoid magnetic fields: Mechanical watches can be affected by strong magnetic fields, causing inaccuracies or even stopping the watch. Limit exposure to magnets or objects with strong magnetic fields to avoid these issues.

Pay attention to accuracy: Mechanical watches may have certain deviations in their timekeeping accuracy. Monitor the accuracy of your watch and take it to a service center for adjustment if necessary. Have a clear understanding of the watch’s accuracy to perform timely checks and repairs.

Proper date/day adjustment: When adjusting the date/day on your watch, remove it from your wrist and avoid doing so during the period between 9 PM and 3 AM. This helps prevent conflicts with the watch’s new date transition.

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Store in a protective case: To protect your mechanical watch from dust and potential falls, store it in a protective case when not in use. If possible, place a moisture-absorbing packet in the case to prevent moisture damage.

For modern automatic watches, a watch winder is not necessary. However, for watches with perpetual calendar or astronomical functions, a watch winder is essential to maintain their energy.

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Best practices for using a mechanical watch

To ensure the effective use and maintenance of your mechanical watch, follow these methods:

Wear the watch for at least 8 hours a day: Wearing the watch for at least 8 hours a day ensures smooth operation of the mechanical movement and maintains its energy. Regular wear helps avoid time inaccuracies, date discrepancies, or the watch stopping.

Manual winding if no time to wear: If you are unable to wear the watch regularly, manually wind it or gently shake the watch. Only wind it or rotate the crown clockwise to avoid damaging the movement.

Wear the watch after 40 hours of non-use: Mechanical watches have a power reserve, typically around 40 hours, before they stop functioning. Wear the watch after a reasonable period of time to ensure long-term operation.

Periodic oiling every 2-4 years: If the watch exhibits significant deviations from the permitted accuracy, it may require oiling every 2-4 years. Oiling helps protect and maintain the mechanical components inside the watch.

Move the wrist along with the watch: Move your wrist in accordance with the watch during your daily activities and routines. Avoid strong impacts or collisions that could damage the watch.

Take the watch off when setting the time: Remove the watch from your wrist to adjust the crown position conveniently and perpendicularly. Ensure the watch is taken off when setting the time to avoid damaging the crown and internal mechanisms.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy the efficient performance and longevity of your mechanical watch.

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How to properly wind a mechanical watch

Currently, there are several ways to properly wind a mechanical watch. Here are some common methods:

Natural winding by wearing the watch: For automatic watches, simply wearing the watch on your wrist will cause the mechanical components to move automatically and generate energy for the watch to operate. This is the most natural and best way to wind an automatic watch.

Note: When engaging in vigorous activities, it is advisable to remove the watch to avoid impact and contact with water that may cause damage.

Artificial winding by shaking the watch:

If you don’t have time to wear the watch, you can hold the watch and gently shake it to set the mechanical components in motion and generate energy for the watch. However, make sure to shake the watch moderately and avoid shaking it too forcefully to prevent damage to the internal components of the watch.

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Manual winding by rotating the crown:

For watches with manual winding mechanisms, you can wind the watch by rotating the crown in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, depending on the watch model. Rotate the crown approximately 5 to 20 turns or until the crown feels firm. Remember that if you continue to wind the watch when it is already fully powered, the mainspring may break.

Using accessories such as watch winders:

You can also use accessories such as watch winders to automatically wind an automatic watch. The watch winder will continuously rotate and generate energy for the watch. Place the watch in the watch winder, and it will conveniently wind the watch automatically.

The most appropriate way to clean a mechanical watch

To ensure smooth, accurate, and precise operation of the watch, it is necessary to lubricate the internal components of the mechanical watch. After a certain period of use (typically 3 years or more), it is recommended to take the watch to a reputable repair and warranty shop for inspection and oil cleaning. Check the time accuracy to detect any deviations. If the watch is running inaccurately, have it repaired and serviced to avoid potential issues.

Regularly change the oil and clean the watch daily by gently using a damp cloth to wipe the watch.

Note: Do not add soap to the water used for cleaning the watch, as the alkaline properties of soap can corrode the watch case and water resistance components.

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Effective maintenance of a mechanical watch

To preserve a mechanical watch and prevent issues such as dust, impact damage, and severe collisions that can harm the movement, adhere to the following guidelines:

Use a watch box: When not in use or when the watch needs protection during vigorous activities, store the watch in a secure watch box. Choose an appropriately sized box to ensure a snug fit and proper preservation of the watch.

Avoid exposure to strong magnetic fields: Mechanical watches can be affected by strong magnetic fields. Avoid placing the watch near devices with strong magnetic fields such as speakers, mobile phones, and magnets.

Check for accuracy deviation: Regularly check the accuracy deviation of the watch to detect issues early on and allow for timely repairs or warranty claims.

Where to buy the most reputable mechanical watches in Vietnam

To own high-quality mechanical watches, it is advisable to purchase them from reputable stores, centers, or authorized distributors to avoid scams. One of the best distributors of quality mechanical watches is DWatch Luxury. You can own a mechanical watch with excellent quality and attractive promotional policies.

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